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WR 102

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RCW 58 Ring Nebula in Carina The Telescope House Ozark Hills Observatory

Astrophotography of a Wolf Rayet star RCW 58 using a 24 inch telescope

The cosmic beauty of RCW 58, a stunning star captured in our high-resolution astrophotography. This celestial image showcases the intricate details of the star's surrounding nebulosity, revealing the dynamic processes within this distant corner of the universe. Perfect for astronomy enthusiasts and space photography collectors.

WR102 a star that is 200,000 degrees hotter than the Sun

The hottest star in our universe WR 102 astrophoto by Richard Harris

WR 102 is one of the hottest known stars in our universe and it's also among the only Wolf–Rayet stars known to be in our Milky Way galaxy. It has a surface temperatures exceeding 200,000 Kelvin. This astrophoto by Richard Harris of Missouri was taken from a remotely operated observatory in Chile using a CDK24 PlaneWave telescope.

Ozarks Hills Observatory 24 inch PlaneWave Telescope in Chile

Ozark Hills Observatory gains access to Chile based 24 inch PlaneWave telescope

Exciting news! The Ozark Hills Observatory has gained access to a 24 "PlaneWave telescope based in Chile! This remarkable partnership will significantly enhance our ability to explore the cosmos, unlocking new possibilities and bringing the wonders of the universe closer to us. Get ready for breathtaking images and groundbreaking discoveries as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the stars!