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Ozarks Hills Observatory 24 inch PlaneWave Telescope in Chile

Ozark Hills Observatory gains access to Chile based 24 inch PlaneWave telescope

Exciting news! The Ozark Hills Observatory has gained access to a 24 "PlaneWave telescope based in Chile! This remarkable partnership will significantly enhance our ability to explore the cosmos, unlocking new possibilities and bringing the wonders of the universe closer to us. Get ready for breathtaking images and groundbreaking discoveries as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the stars!

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About Ozark Hills Observatory

The Ozark Hills Observatory is operated by the Richard Harris Family. It is dedicated to fostering a deep and profound connection between humanity and the God of our universe. Our mission revolves around providing a space for astronomical exploration, education, and appreciation in the serene embrace of the Ozark Hills in Missouri.
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Welcome to Ozark Hills Observatory

The Ozark Hills Observatory, managed by the Richard Harris Family, is devoted to nurturing a profound relationship between humanity and the divine cosmos. Our core mission is to offer a haven for celestial discovery, educational enrichment, and the admiration of the cosmos, set against the tranquil backdrop of the Ozark Hills in Missouri. We are equipped with advanced telescopes and dedicated to conserving the area's natural splendor.
Ozark Hills Observatory