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HCG 68 Hickson Group 68 Galaxies - NGC 5353

NGC 5353 HCG 68 Hickson Group 68 Galaxies TEC 180 FL APO180FL

We explore the majestic NGC 5353 and its surrounding galaxy group, Hickson Group 68 (HCG 68) using our TEC 180 FL telescope. A rarely photographed object, we captured NGC 5353, its interaction with neighboring galaxies, and what these phenomena reveal about the universe's vast, intricate tapestry.

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The Ozark Hills Observatory is operated by the Richard Harris Family. It is dedicated to fostering a deep and profound connection between humanity and the God of our universe. Our mission revolves around providing a space for astronomical exploration, education, and appreciation in the serene embrace of the Ozark Hills in Missouri.
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